Fitness Optimized!
Are you interested in reaching your peak potential in active sports? Our personal training room is equipped with MedX, Pilates, and ATM-2 equipment, some of the best technology available for physical rehabilitation and optimized fitness. Our Maximize Performance Program is a custom combination of physical training, exercises and stretching, core strength building, combined with targeted therapies designed to help your muscles get strong and stay strong (and balanced!).
Gentle Chiropractic
Marin Spine and Wellness Center specializes in combining the latest health technology with gentle chiropractic care to achieve significant results for our patients. Our chiropractic appointments include a combination of therapeutic treatments to maximize results, based upon your doctor's evaluation and your customized treatment plan. We accept most insurance and MediCare plans, and our helpful staff is there to ease your journey to optimal health.
Significant Pain Relief
Have you achieved the pain relief that you want? The simple fact is, there is no "magic bullet" in pain relief. Significant pain relief is available however... and we know the winning formula. Cutting edge combination therapy is our specialty. From gentle chiropractic care to laser, ultrasound and decompression technologies, we address your pain holistically. Are you ready for significant pain relief?


At Marin Spine and Wellness Center our team of chiropractors, technicians, massage therapists, and other specialty holistic heath practitioners provide expert examination, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting your musculoskeletal system. Our goal is simple… your optimal health.

Serving the communities of Marin, and the San Francisco Bay Area, we pride ourselves on providing a warm, friendly and professional clinic equipped with the latest technologies for creating better health and relief from pain in patients of all ages. Our treatments are scientifically inspired, and focus on both restoration of optimal health, and healthy maintenance. Our clinic also has a physical therapy studio, and teaching our patients how to maintain their health independently for life is one of our top priorities.

Patients are provided with complete confidentiality and benefit from the latest treatment protocols. Nutrition, exercise, and movement training consultations are part of each visit, because science has revealed that pain, response to injury, and age related neuromuscular health issues are often most effectively addressed via a variety of clinical approaches simultaneously.

We accept health insurance, and also offer special payment arrangements for our patients. Although some may continue to visit our clinic for wellness care, many issues can be treated successfully with a few sessions. If you wish to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our chiropractors please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!