How Much Does It Cost?  

It depends...We are known in the community for offering a multitude of services and therapies. One size does not fit all when it comes to your care plans and needs. 


We typically do a 60 minute visit to make sure we gather the necessary paperwork, take a good history, figure out a possible cause of your problem, perform a movement assessment and provide same day treatments. This may include some of our therapeutic modalities. We estimate this cost based on the time we spend, the combination of therapies and how we use our 20+ years of clinical experience to help you solve a problem. This doesn't include any extra time, reports or tests that are needed if this is an accident or insurance claim.


In some cases, we offer a 30 minute visit if you have a less complicated situation or you have been already evaluated and referred by another practitioner. 


Follow up visits are generally 30 minutes and based on time spent doing multiple therapies and adjustments. This is a time where we can also evolve our approach together by discussing ways to make you self reliant. 


In some cases, you do not need the doc to work on you and you can get set up by our staff on a particular table or piece of equipment. This is good if you need several follow ups over 4-6 weeks to make sure you optimize your healing process. These visits can be anywhere from 20-60 minutes.

Stand alone therapies include: 

  • Class IV and III Laser Therapy                                                ~$75
  • Spinal Decompression Session                                             ~$100
  • RED Light and NIR Therapy                                                    ~$40-75
  • PEMF+ LASER or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy   ~$75

Please check out our pages for each of these therapies. Contact our office for specific pricing since we have some bundle discounts. 

*These therapies are not covered by insurance 

What About Insurance?

We are a cash based office. This means that we expect payment at the time of services. We are NOT in network with any major medical insurances. We DO provide superbills for the services rendered and you can submit them with your carrier. 


In some cases, we will accept an auto accident claim. We will help you if it is a recent accident and you have "MED PAY" benefits. We are not accepting LIENS or cases that have been longer than 6 weeks. Please email or contact us for more information if you need clarification.


We are participating in Medicare which means that we can see people who have that insurance. We only accept these on a limited time basis. In addition, Medicare only pays for one particular service if it's a specific spinal related diagnosis. Unfortunately, they do not pay for exams, manual therapies, exercises, extremity issues and therapeutic modalities. There is a California Bill HR2654 in place which allows you to get these services paid for but it will take an unknown amount of time for this to pass. You are encouraged to contact California to urge them to pass this. 


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