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Chappy Wood
Your Corte Madera Chiropractor

Jackson Stewart Pro Cyclist BMC

“I had recently been experiencing loss of power and strength on my bike and was recommended to Chappy Wood, D.C. by other cyclists. I had been to other doctors but they were unable to fix my particular problem. He was able to target my problem areas using the cold laser treatment. After every visit I feel I have really addressed the problems I have come in for, and I would highly recommend him if you’re not getting results with other forms of treatment.”

Scott Zwizanski Pro Cyslist Bissell

“Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C. has been an essential part of my training and recovery process as a professional cyclist. Training here in Marin is hard on my body, and he is able to fix all my nagging problems that cycling has caused on my body. Being a cyclist himself has really helped him to understand my specific needs. If you are a cyclist with any type of injury or any problem or pain associated with cycling then he is the man to see.”

Julia Violich Pro Cyclist

“It took me over a year to finally show my face at Chappy Wood, D.C.’s office. I had heard about him for years. It seemed like everyone in the cycling community had gone to him for one ailment or another. I just wasn’t that “hip” on the idea of a chiropractor, and certainly not comfortable with someone “cracking” my spine.

Well, my time came when I was suffering from intense and chronic pain in my shoulder and neck area. I had tried Massage, a different fit on my bike, and sole inserts. Nothing worked. Several friends urged me to give him a try. I gave in, and after two sessions with him, I was pain free. Absolutely pain free. And even better, the pain in that area has not returned.

I have returned to Chappy Wood, D.C. for other various problems with my back and neck. I had a very serious accident around New Years Day 2008. About a week after the accident, I was flat on my back, unable to move. He made a special weekend trip into his office to treat me. I was lucky to make it there in the amount of pain I was suffering from. I literally crawled in with a tear in my eye. An hour later, I walked out of his office, and three days later, after my second session, I had no trace of the pain.

Dr. Wood, D.C. even helped me with cracked ribs. Two weeks after another accident, I was in his office complaining about my inability to breath, pick up my kids, and sneeze. I wasn’t sure he could help me with bruised bones, but I was uncomfortable enough that I felt it worth giving it a try. Again, two sessions later, my breathing eased, and I hardly felt the result of my crash.”

Pat Bush Pro Cyclist

“I’ve been to many chiropractors, but Dr. Wood, D.C. impressed me with his ability to find hidden energy blocks and deficiencies in my body. I train on my bicycle several hours a week to prepare for racing so I can’t afford to lose any fitness by getting hurt or run down. He provides me with the tools to keep a healthy and strong body and immune system. He helped me with some of my best results using the COLD LASER, H-WAVE and EB-305IONIC FOOTBATH. His work is AMAZING!”

Erik Saunders

“I had always had a problem with my left leg that held me back as a professional cyclist. I had just learned to live with this lack of muscular strength and thought that it was just normal for me. Dr. Wood, D.C. explained to me that what I was experiencing wasn’t a fact of life and that I had lost strength in that side of my body because of the way that I had been using that leg and he helped me to change my habits so that I would restore the strength that I had lost years earlier. It’s obviously valuable to me as a cyclist to have the strength restored to my leg!

Dr. Wood, D.C. has sort of made it his personal mission to see to it that my body works at its best. His use of the COLD LASER and H-Wave in the treatment of my muscular problems has made it easy for me to get over injuries and to feel stronger faster after hard workouts and races. Races and training efforts that used to take me days to recover from now only take a good night’s sleep to get back to 100 percent, and I no longer am experiencing nagging injuries.”

Adele Garibaldi

“My low back and buttocks pain limited my daily life in that I did not feel like doing anything including cooking, cleaning, and gardening. When my problem was at its worse, I could not knit for very long and riding in a car was miserable. I could not travel very far. I was very concerned that my problem was getting worse without any care. My only options were to live with the pain, or turn to drugs and/or surgery. Not being able to do the things I wanted to do led me to seek further care. I learned about Chappy Wood, D.C. and his office through a newspaper advertisement. A non-invasive treatment plan for my back influenced me to come in and see him. Everyone in the office has been gracious, friendly and wonderful. The treatment doesn’t hurt and in fact makes one feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m glad I came to this office because it has helped me a great deal. I have already told other people to come here! The people here are so friendly and nice—definitely one reason I like coming here.”

Kim Ahlum

“I have always been a very athletic person, but with my injury I have not been able to do much except for short walks. Some things like lifting my two year old son became almost impossible some days. My problem was at its worst when I was unable to walk, literally. The day it happened I ended up in the emergency room thinking something was terribly wrong and worried about what the long term ramifications of this situation would be. I became concerned that continuing on without some kind of care would only make things worse. After being in the ER and seeing an orthopedic doctor, I was told pain medication and surgery were my two options. I then pursued an MRI which revealed a 1.1 cm disc bulge. The fact that I have a two year old son made surgery a far away reality. I came to hear of Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C. through a neighbor of mine who knew someone that had successfully gone through the Spinal Aid decompression treatment. I scheduled a consultation with the doctor and was seen on a Monday, still not able to walk. After 5 treatments that week, by Friday I was able to go on a business trip across the country. The professionalism, quality of care, and the concern for me as an individual was abundant at this office. I would definitely recommend others to use the Spinal Aid treatment, as well as the continued recommended therapy for maintaining a healthy spine, such as exercise and stretching routines. Don’t wait until the pain is so great that you cannot walk! What I liked the most about this whole experience was the staff and the results. The difference for me was that recovery time is ½ of what most other treatments would be. There is no pain medication required while under treatment and none required at the end of treatment and during recovery. You can undergo treatment and still live your life.”

Clark Walker

“My daily life was very limiting. I found it difficult to sit down and could not lift anything. Laying down was even painful and eventually missed a week of work. This is when I was at my worst and in very serious pain.

I knew that without further care, I would continue to get worse. I was already seeing another chiropractor with no relief. I was told I would have to live with it and over time it would or might get better.

Being in PAIN led me to seek care; unable to move, sit, or lay down. I was referred to Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C. by a muscle specialist. So far my experience has been pleasant and helpful. I receive expert care and the pain is now gone!

I would let others know to be open to treatment and become pain free. My pain was so bad I could hardly move. Now I have no pain. That has been the best thing about coming here; the great results and the personal care.

The relief from pain and a better understanding of my body and how it can be cured really defines this office from others.”

Carmen Salazar

“My low back pain affected me on a daily basis. It limited me to be able to perform my normal activities around the house and especially gardening. As the problem got worse I found that I didn’t have the energy to get up and do anything because the pain was too strong. I felt that if the pain continued to get worse I would not be able to continue my quality of life. The pain was so severe I decided to seek treatment at Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C.’s office. The treatment was different than any other treatment I have tried and I have had great results because of it. I felt relief after my first visit. The friendly and professional staff made me feel right at home from the start. Thanks to this decompression therapy treatment I have had more pain relief than any other therapy that I have tried.”

Jimette Rosas

“I’ve had this injury for year now and it was affecting everything I did daily. I couldn’t take walks, no exercise—all I could do was just get through my work day! When I was at my worst, I couldn’t bend over and come back up. I cried a lot when no one was around. I would think, ‘This is not how I want to live my life, with chronic back pain.’

I eventually had three spinal nerve root block injections which only gave me some temporary relief for about a month at a time. Even then I could not do anything except to just get through my work day. I was told by my orthopedic doctor that I needed to have surgery to remove the herniated disc that was impinging on my nerve, along with taking percocet. I was really close to having surgery. I held out as long as I could and it was my son who found the ad for the spinal decompression in the Pacific Sun. He cut it out and gave it to me.

My son really influenced me to respond to the ad. Everything I was going through was effecting him, dealing with a mom on a daily basis who was in constant pain and not very nice to live with. Doing spinal decompression has changed that.

This has been a positive experience from the very beginning; one of encouragement and positive attitudes in helping me. If I hadn’t have come to this office, I wouldn’t feel like I do, relatively pain free. The difference from before to now is like night and day. I haven’t taken a pain pill since I started! If there is anything I would say to another person with the same problem, it would be, “Please, please go and see Chappy Wood, D.C.! This has truly changed my life. I can walk, go places, and do things I couldn’t do three months ago.” The other day I went to the San Francisco Zoo with my sister and niece, and I was able to walk around the whole afternoon in no pain. It’s a wonderful feeling.

The staff is so nice and positive. I feel like they are family and they truly care about how I am feeling. This was my last hope; this or surgery. I couldn’t keep living the way I was living. I was amazed at how doctors had no answers to an alternative solution to my problem. Making people aware that this exists is the different experience that I have had coming to this office.”

John Gallagher

“My daily activities were limited because my back felt sore all day. It seemed I had I had knots in it and was unable to bend down because I was not very flexible. This not only crippled me physically, but also mentally.

I didn’t actively seeking care because I felt like my problem couldn’t get any worse than it already was. I was told that I could have screws put in my back, but I just waited for something innovative and new to try.

I learned about your office through a newspaper advertisement. A desire to feel better inspired me to come to your office. Since then, my experience here has been great! I never had to wait for a treatment because the office is run so efficiently. Everyone there is so nice—it’s the best chiropractic care I have ever had!

I would tell anyone with the same problem as me that if they want their back fixed to go and see Chappy Wood, D.C. The difference between his office and other treatment options is that his works! The overall approach such as strengthening the muscles, stretching, muscle stimulation and positive thinking really make this treatment plan successful. Thank you Dr. Wood, D.C. and his staff!”

Mark Montashem

“In February, 2006 I suffered severe neck and shoulder pain that would not go away with allopathic medicine. I tried strong pain relievers, rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and nothing worked in the course of 10 weeks. As a result I missed a lot of work and my life was considerably suffering. I had an MRI done and it showed among other things two herniated discs and a compressed nerve, which I was told was the cause of all of the symptoms. I contacted and saw 3 neurosurgeons searching for the second opinion I was wanting, and all 3 told me that I needed surgery, and I needed it soon. My shoulder and bicep had atrophied to the point where they didn’t look like they were mine, and my arm was dead numb more often than it was not. Each surgeon told me that the surgery was invasive, that the recovery time was anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months, and that there was no guarantee that the surgery would help, and that I would certainly need another operation within 5-10 years. Oh, yes, and it was going to cost $12,000 dollars.

I did a lot of research online looking at similar cases to mine, and none of the cases that had done the surgery that was recommended for me claimed 100% recovery. None of them. The day that I decided to call the 1 surgeon that I liked out of the 3, I got a call from a friend who had read an article in the Independent Journal about Chappy Wood, D.C. and his staff. I thought, one last opinion, from someone who is practicing what sounded like cutting edge technology, lasers and disc decompression machines wouldn’t hurt. He saw me that day, looked at the MRI and with all of the confidence in the world told me that he could fix my neck, no doubt about it, no knives, no pharmaceutical medication. He introduced me to the laser machine that on day one gave strength back to my arm and shoulder. We contracted to do 20 visits, and at the end of those 20 visits it was his thought that I would be significantly better. During the visits I had cold laser treatments, electrical impulse muscle stimulation, massage and traction. Every day I was feeling stronger and more and more pain-free. By the end of the 20 visits, I was absolutely thrilled that not only did I have my strength and muscle mass back, but the pain and numbness was gone, and my neck was back in a place where my active lifestyle was no longer hindered by immobility and pain. I am back surfing, running, and working (construction).

The treatments were holistic and I was encouraged by Dr. Wood and his able staff to be actively engaged in my recovery, which I was, and the outcome is 100% recovery without surgery, without recurrence, and at a fraction of the price.”

Paul Pearson

“I was unable to walk or stand for very long without being forced to sit or lie down. My problem was at its worst when I could no longer work because I couldn’t walk. I was very concerned that my problem would get more out of control if I didn’t seek care. The pain would just not go away.

My wife is a patient of Chappy Wood, D.C. and convinced me to go in to see him. I have had nothing but positive experiences coming here. There is no waiting, the staff is friendly, it’s nearby, and I have relief and no more pain! I would recommend people with similar problems to see you as soon as possible. No operating! It’s great!”

Jennifer Eastwood

“My sciatic nerve had been painful for about a year. At first it was minor, and I assumed it would go away. Sometimes it did, but it always came back and more and more intensely. It got to the point where sitting down was very painful, lying down was excruciating. And even standing and walking were not much fun. Just getting through the day was exhausting and I could only survive by taking pain-killers. I hardly had a life.

My son mentioned that he had been going to an excellent chiropractor, Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C. so I called his office and made an appointment. Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C. took a look at me and said that he thought that a new process called spinal decompression would heal my lower back which was causing the pinched sciatic nerve. At first the process was painful, but since I was in pain all the time, what did I have to lose?

I was very impressed with his demeanor. He listened to what I had to say and I really felt that the believed this treatment could cure the problem. He treated me as an individual and not merely as ‘just another patient’. I felt that I could really trust him, which in my case takes a bit of doing.

As time went on the treatment became less painful and in a matter of weeks I had my life back again. I won’t pretend that the early days were easy, but the friendly and caring staff, and the light, airy, and flower filled office made me feel happy each time I went. Now I am pretty much done and it is up to me to exercise and do what is necessary to strengthen the damaged area. Thanks a million Dr. Chappy Wood, D.C. for giving me my life back. I can’t imagine a more non-invasive method of putting me right.”

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