ENRMASS Protocol

After over 20 years of experience working with 1000's of different people, we have developed an efficient and complete health system that can be used to guide you toward optimizing your health. This protocol was also developed to help Dr. Chappy balance his own life with family, work and fitness. 

We are bombarded with information these days and it is hard to know what to do and who to trust. We think it is important to draw our information from sources that are in line with our core value system. In this office, we practice discernment with all aspects of our health routines. We think that healthy habits and behaviors are the key to longevity and a quality life. We are passionate about our health and we associate with similar health influencers. 

The ENRMASS Protocol is a framework or template to be used as a guide when it comes to your health routines. The acronym was created to be easily remembered. The first letter of each word is critical part of our approach towards optimal health.

Here's how it works...if you have any issue, then you work each of these steps. For example, if you have low back pain, then we work this chart. Good health requires hard work and organization. This chart is a basic outline of how we work this program for you. We have extensive descriptions for each word and if you want a complete work up, then reach out to us for a consultation. Your chiro visits will include some of this but we can build a program for you separately.



ACTION STEPS (examples)


Your brain. Neurophysiology. What makes you go. Goals. Passion. Spirit.Make good health one of your highest value. Create a purpose and plan to get better. Change your thoughts and narrative for better chemistry. Stop watching the news.


You metabolic system. How to eat for optimal health goals. Sports nutrition and supplements Fix your gut microbiome. Develop a better way of eating to reduce inflammation. Intermittent fasting. Avoid processed foods and excessive sugar. Hydrate and use electrolytes.


How to desensitize pain. Recover from injuries. Self care. Sleep. Rest days. Going easy.  Make the time and learn techniques. See a professional for help with acute or chronic pain. Invest in self care tools like massagers or electro stim. Learn how to breathe. Get more sleep. Use a recovery device like Whoop or Oura Ring. Get in a sauna and cold plunge.


How to move your body for optimal function. Stretching and end range motion.Make the time and learn techniques. Work on mobilizing your priority areas. Develop efficient routines or go to classes. See a bodywork professional to help assist you.


Mind body connection. Neural drive to and from muscles.Use the massage gun on moving muscles. Target your weak links


Start with the basics to reinforce neural drive. Stabilize your spine, hips and  shouldersLearn banded and stability drills. Single leg work. McGill Big 3.


Your activities. Your workouts. Your hobbies. Your life.Learn the proper form but do your prep work before the activity. Do something that helps you feel better.

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