Nutrition for Weight Loss

The nutritional part of our program is basically an awareness of what food choices you make to put in your body. Some of this is nothing new, like calories in vs. calories burned. We are going to offer a basic guideline of nutritional foods to help you buy foods that help reduce the formation of unwanted fat.

Basic Nutrition Plan

Our basic nutritional guidance gives you all you need to get started. We will also give you some ideas on what kind of foods we use, which were discovered from our own quest for better health, including meal replacement shakes and fat-burning supplements. The basic nutrition plan consists of education, and handouts to help you make wise food choices. Our basic nutrition plan will be adequate for most people in Marin. Marin County has some of the best foods choices in the world!

Elite Nutrition Program

If you require additional assistance then we have an Elite Nutrition Program which includes extra help in choosing what is right for you.In our Elite Nutrition Program, we offer hourly, private consultations with our nutrition staff. This allows out staff to create a customized nutrition program for you designed to maximize metabolic efficiency and burn fat.

Premium Nutrition Program

If you have special needs or sensitivities then we have a Premium Nutrition Program which connects you to expert nutritionists and specialized tests to develop the optimal nutrition plan for you.

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