NewLife Body Contour Technology

Melt Away Unwanted Fat!   Tighten Loose Skin!   Reduce Cellulite!

The technology is a new and exciting device called the Newlife Body Contour, can help melt away unwanted fat and tighten skin. Seriously! While this may be controversial for some, it is the wave of the future and it’s non-invasive, non-surgical and comfortable. Our machine has a three separate breakthrough technologies to help you achieve the body you want.

Ultrasonic Fat Reduction works like this. First, this application was discovered when fat cells were dissolving after patients were undergoing lithotripsy (Kidney stone removal). Scientists then focused on specifically removing fat cells only by creating high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) at specific frequencies. This technology is administered through an attachment that creates a soothing warm sensation that breaks down the adipose cells (lipolysis). The ultrasonic waves create tiny bubbles only within the fat cell causing it to collapse.

The Radio Frequency (RF) and Laser are then applied through another attachment that tightens and firms collagen. RF works by thermally breaking down collagen and elastin in the skin, therefore stimulating new collagen growth. The 635nm Diode Laser technology has been known to create a benign stimulation to help the body repair by activating the ATP or energy of the cells and tissue. This process can also help reduce fat, tighten skin and reduce appearance of cellulite.

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